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Stork Club Fertility programs give your employees an experience to brag about while improving health outcomes and reducing costs for self-insured employers

Flexible Family Benefits

Fertility services your employees love, structured to reduce direct medical spend and indirect costs such as talent attrition and absenteeism

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  • Egg Freezing
  • IVF
  • Surrogacy
  • Child Adoption

How it works

Better results. Fewer vendors.

See how Stork Club’s enterprise-grade programs designed for the needs of large employers deliver real results

  • check Reduced medical spend

    We guide employees to providers and protocols that deliver the best health outcomes and reduce medical costs without sacrificing choice.

  • check Attract and retain talent

    Our programs address real pain across a spectrum family goals so they’re indispensable for your existing team and highly visible to prospective employees.

  • check Healthier and happier people

    By providing simple access to top-quality advice and care, our programs keep employees healthy and make it easy to transition back to work after having a baby.

  • check Less vendor-management, better employee experience

    Stork Club is an extension of your HR team. We free your time and give you control over your costs by integrating all of your family-related benefits in an enterprise-grade platform that provides benefits navigation, access to vetted providers, and in-house claim-processing.

See our results

Working with Stork Club has been phenomenal and the feedback has been extremely positive. The customer support has been timely, implementation was smooth and the fertility experts are both extremely knowledgeable yet approachable and friendly.


HR, Branch

Hiring and retaining top talent is one of our most important goals. Stork Club has helped us achieve a family-friendly workplace that allows us to win in this highly competitive environment. At the same time, healthcare costs are out of control and Stork Club helps our people make smart decisions that leave them healthier while reducing medical spend.



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How it works

See how Stork Club’s Flexible Family Benefits platform can meet your company’s needs whether you’re starting with a single benefit or you’re rolling out comprehensive multi-program coverage.

For HR and Benefits Team

Integrating existing providers
We integrate your existing vendors and vetted partners to fill in any gaps so you can deliver a seamless employee experience while spending less time on vendor management.

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    Fertility coverage
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    Engagement hub

Claim processing and payments
We run claim processing in-house, making the process transparent and effortless.

Program performance
Easily track program engagement and medical spend so you can spend your time making strategic decisions instead of trying to piece data together.

What Is IVF and How Safe Is It?
Infertility treatments
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Assisted pregnancy
Program sponsorship

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For Individuals

Holistic experience
No more 50-page PDFs. Your employees see all of their family benefits and policies in a convenient online platform.

Personalized recommendations
We analyze all Stork Club and third-party family benefits to provide personalized recommendations for members based on their eligibility, current family goals, location and other factors.

What Is IVF and How Safe Is It?
Infertility treatments

Video visits with vetted experts
High-quality family care whenever and wherever your employees need it.

Fertility expert
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Expert guidance and navigation
Easy-to-understand programs guide members to the right providers for their needs. Expedited appointments with top providers, unlimited expert calls and guidance from experienced Care Navigators.

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