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Your workforce now wants
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Our fertility program is designed to reduce your overall birth-related medical spend by improving health outcomes while keeping your employees
healthy and happy as they build families on their own terms

Stork Club provides comprehensive fertility support

whether your employees plan to have a child now or later

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  • IVF

  • Surrogacy

  • Child Adoption

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Why fertility benefits?

Attracting and retaining top talent

In the war for talent, you need to allocate budget to benefits your current and prospective workforce finds most valuable. For millenials, coverage for fertility preservation (e.g. egg / sperm freezing) and assisted pregnancy (e.g. IVF, surrogacy) treatments has become a top priority.

With a fertility program, you can get ahead in the battle to attract long-term oriented talent


of people who plan to have children later are willing to change jobs to have fertility coverage


of millenial women are considering egg freezing to be able to focus on their career


of LGBTQ team
members that need family building services can be served with
Stork Club

Improving diversity at your company

Historically, male-dominant companies have struggled to attract female talent. At the same time, diversity and inclusion metrics are quickly becoming a standard requirement for modern businesses.

Fertility coverage signals to prospective employees — as well as your customers — that you’re a supportive, family-friendly workplace for both women and men.

Stork Club Fertility delivers

Stork Club is your strategic partner in providing a full suite of modern fertility benefits to attract and retain talent while lowering maternity and birth-related medical spend.

check Reduced birth-related medical spend

Our fertility program is built on a “narrow network” of top-rated providers that helps self-funded employers minimize their overall medical spend. Guiding employees to top-quality fertility providers reduces NICU days, preterm/postpartum complications, and ongoing child development care costs.

For example, our clinics prioritize Single Embryo Transfers (SET) where its recommended vs. implanting multiple embryos, resulting in fewer twin and triplet births.


U.S. average 1


Stork Club network 2

IFV multiple birth rate

1. CDC 2016 ART Fertility Clinic Success Rates Report

2. Multiple birth rate is projected based on an estimated SET rate (85%) and Single Live Birth rate

Of course, healthier pregnancies and healthier births mean happy employees who are eager to return to work.

check 20% higher live birth rate via IVF

When one of your employees ends up at a low-quality fertility clinic they will undergo more treatment cycles—more sleepless nights and more time/money spent at clinics. It’s extremely difficult for individuals to determine what goes into a high quality clinic, so they typically pick based on cost (if they’re paying out of pocket) or based on convenience and advertising (if covered by insurance).

U.S. average


Stork Club network

Live birth rate via IVF

At Stork Club, we have built a detailed, proprietary vetting process so that we include only clinics and labs that provide outstanding results in our “narrow network”. Our coverage bundles are designed to include all necessary procedures to maximize success while saving money for your people and your company.

check High performance HR & Benefits teams

Your team is overwhelmed working with outdated legacy providers: constant claim management, lack of transparency and insufficient tools to control costs.

At Stork Club, we make it easy for your team to deploy a high-performance fertility benefit: we run claim processing and payments in-house on your behalf, letting your HR & Benefits teams focus on your business, not ours. You receive monthly reports with anonymized, HIPAA-compliant data so you have full transparency and can control costs.

check An experience your people brag about

All fertility benefits are not created equal. People remember the experience using benefits as much as the benefit itself. Instead of having to decipher complex benefits language in a dense PDF, our web and mobile apps provide a personalized experience for each employee based on their location, current family goals, and benefit eligibility.

Choose your current family status

Want a child later

Want a child now

Expecting a baby now

Have a newborn

Balance family and your career

check Flexible and scalable for large organizations

Already invested in other family benefits but spending too much time and energy deploying and managing them?

Stork Club won’t add another benefit to your backlog. Instead, we include your existing programs in our employee-facing web and mobile apps while also helping you onboard new programs with vetted provider partners, drive member engagement, and validate program impact.

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