The family health benefits
you’ve always wanted

Happy members and great outcomes with numbers that delight CFOs and brokers alike

U.S. average

Our network has 20% more
live births due to IVF
compared to national avg.


Our Net Promoter Score
is higher than average


Millions in savings on birth-related care for 10,000 people company

Investing in family care works

Programs that pay for themselves

Your legacy birth and maternity care programs result in substantial amounts of unnecessary medical spend while breaking your people’s hearts.

With Stork Club, you can save millions of dollars per year by strategically working to reduce avoidable medical issues:

  • close Preterm twins and triplets
  • close High-risk pregnancies
  • close Unnecessary C-sections
  • close Postpartum complications

Stork Club family benefits guide your employees to vetted, high-quality providers and procedures that deliver the best outcomes.

Example for an employer with 10,000 employees covered

  Legacy provider Stork Club
Births via IVF 19 23
Multiple births 6 0.9

Diverse talent looking to join
a family-friendly company

Your workforce has changed. In millennial couples, both partners are typically employed, making family-friendly workplaces a necessity—not just a luxury.


of married couples with children
have two working parents

With Stork Club’s programs, your company becomes highly visible to prospective employees and indispensable for your existing team because you solve real pain points across a variety of family situations, including:

  • check Fertility preservation
    e.g. egg/sperm freezing
  • check Assisted pregnancy
    e.g. IVF, surrogacy
  • check High-risk pregnancy
    e.g. preeclampsia, VBAC

Your current and future employees find these programs so meaningful that, for example, 67% of millenials who want to have children someday report that they will switch employers to obtain fertility coverage.


of millenials would switch employers
to obtain fertility coverage

Healthy employees,
bragging about their benefits

More than 75% of expecting mothers say that they’re excited to get back to work after giving birth, yet

50% of mothers switch to a lower-paying job

43% end up leaving
their careers entirely

With Stork Club you’re building a family-friendly workplace without breaking the bank. Your new parents are healthier, return back to work faster and stay at the company longer.

Efficient HR team with
higher performance

Your HR and Benefits teams are overwhelmed with the minutiae and lack of transparency associated with medical insurance. Besides managing 1980s-era eligibility files and addressing ongoing errors, they spend hours answering your employees’ questions about programs and policies.

Stork Club is a digital extension of your HR team. Our programs are designed to free up your team’s time by integrating all of your family-related benefits in a single enterprise-grade platform:

  • check Instead of outdated PDFs

    your employees use simple web and mobile apps to navigate all of your family programs in one place

  • check Instead of trying to decipher complex eligibility language

    your employees see personalized benefits information based on their location, family-related goals, and eligible benefits

Investing in family care works

Working with Stork Club has been phenomenal and the feedback has been extremely positive. The customer support has been timely, implementation was smooth and the fertility experts are both extremely knowledgeable yet approachable and friendly.


HR, Branch

Hiring and retaining top talent is one of our most important goals. Stork Club has helped us achieve a family-friendly workplace that allows us to win in this highly competitive environment. At the same time, healthcare costs are out of control and Stork Club helps our people make smart decisions that leave them healthier while reducing medical spend.



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